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How Lighting Design Turns Dull Chores into a Whole New Experience


Make your everyday activities a comfortable and enjoyable experience with a smart lighting design.

As a general rule, kitchens are the busiest place in the household. Whether it's for cooking, grabbing a snack or even getting work done, you can always count on your family being here from dawn to dusk. That being said, wouldn't it be nice to transform this bustling area of chores into a comfortable, inviting space to enjoy as a family? Lighting design can help you achieve just that!

With a smart lighting design in your kitchen, you can create personalized scenes that match your needs for comfort and ambiance. Here's how you could elevate your family's everyday lives by installing a great lighting design in the kitchen of your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home.

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Cooking Becomes a Safer Task

Imagine you are hosting a nice dinner party for your friends and family. You have your ingredients ready and your fantastic recipe at hand, so now it's time to get down to business. You can incorporate different fixtures for task lighting with a smart lighting design and set a customized "Cooking" scene that brightens up your lights while you prepare dinner. No more chopping food under the gloomy shadows of your cabinet! Need to adjust lights while cooking? Use simply voice commands to keep your hands free.

Setting The Mood for a Dinner Party Has Never Been So Easy

After all your hard work in the kitchen, it's time to get your home ready for your guests to arrive. Set the mood for a cozy and intimate cocktail hour with a scene of dim, warm lights that will make you feel just like you're having a drink at your favorite bar in the comfort of your own home. Make hosting a breeze by creating this scene ahead of time and activating a few minutes before your first guests are set to arrive.

Gain Focus and Get the Hard Work Done Much Faster

The kitchen is not only a place to cook and have fun. It is often a place to focus and get work done. Just think, how many times have you sat with your children at the kitchen table, helping them figure out their homework? Using your kitchen as another place to work or study isn't new, but it has gained popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic forced families to stay home, as it is often challenging to find a place for everyone to work or learn from home privately.

Do you find yourself working from your kitchen from time to time? Smart lighting design is a great tool to keep you focused during the day and wind you down in the evening to get you ready for bed, thanks to the human-centric lighting that emulates sunlight changes throughout the day.

At Simply Automated, we want to help you find customized solutions that will fill your everyday life with comfort and optimize your ambiance.  Are you ready to plan the great lighting project your kitchen needs? Give us a call, stop by our Control4 certified showrooms or fill out a contact form online.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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