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3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Home Lighting Design


Personalized lighting design makes your home more beautiful, safe, and comfortable

Lighting is one of the most critical components of your home’s infrastructure. We not only use lighting for functional tasks like moving around safely or reading a book, but also for setting the mood in a room, showcasing beautiful architecture and art, and making home spaces feel more comfortable and inviting.

You can make the most of your home lighting by working with an experienced integrator for whole-home lighting design. Keep reading to learn three reasons why hiring a professional lighting designer is worth the investment for your Pittsburgh, PA, home.  

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1. Meet All Home Lighting Needs

Lighting serves several purposes in your home. A professional designer will create a plan that meets your needs for comfort, style, security, ambiance, and more. A successful design layers multiple types of lighting to meet these goals.

  • Ambient/general lighting. General lighting provides even illumination throughout a room or area. This type of lighting helps set the mood of a space and generates enough light for you to see and move around safely. Fixtures like recessed ceiling lights, downlights, track lights, hanging chandeliers, and floor and table lamps are frequently used to create ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting. Task lighting is bright, targeted lighting that helps you complete specific tasks. Some examples include under cabinet lighting in the kitchen for chopping foods and cooking and desk lamps in the home office for working. Effective task lighting helps prevent eye strain, glare, and shadows that make tasks more difficult to complete. Fixtures like desk and table lamps, directional recessed lights, hanging pendants, and undercabinet lights are frequently used to create task lighting.
  • Accent lighting. Accent lighting draws the eye to focal points in a room or space. It’s commonly used to highlight unique design and architectural features, plants, sculptures, and artwork in a home. Fixtures like track lights, undercabinet lights, wall-mounted lights, directional recessed lights are frequently installed to create accent lighting.

At the beginning of a home lighting project, your integrator will work with you to build a cohesive, whole home design that meets all your lighting needs and personal preferences.

2. Fixture Selection and Placement

It’s easy to get distracted by gorgeous chandeliers, delicate hanging pendants, and elegant wall sconces during the lighting design process. But before you can choose the housing, the most important consideration is your light source. First, a design expert will work with you to match the right sources to your needs for brightness, color, dimming, and efficiency. Next, an expert will help you choose the type of fixture — like lamps, recessed lighting, and track lighting — that will function best in each space and provide the coverage and brightness you need. Finally, you’ll get to the fun part — picking out the fixture colors, shapes, and finishes that match your interior design. 

3. Seamless Control

An easy-to-use control system allows you to get the full use and benefits from your home lighting design. With a Control4 system, you can use a smartphone, touchscreen tablet, wall-mounted keypad, or remote to control all the lights in your home. With the press of a button, dim lights to a comfortable level, turn multiple lights on and off, and activate lighting scenes that instantly set the environment for dinner, a party, or a night in with a movie. At Simply Automated, we make it easy for you to optimize comfort, safety, and ambiance with expert lighting control.

We’re experts at home lighting control and design, and our team is committed to finding the right solutions to meet your needs and lifestyle. So, when you’re ready to discuss a home lighting project, call us, visit one of our two Control4 certified showrooms, or fill out a contact form online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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