Why Now Is the Time to Take the Plunge for a Home Theater Installation


Home theaters have more to offer than ever before in terms of AV quality and content availability

A home theater installation is an adaptable and enjoyable entertainment system that brings joy to the whole family. Everyone in your household can use it for something they love, whether that’s watching a feature film, binge-watching Netflix, dancing along to a live stream concert, cheering on a sports game, or video gaming online.

Alongside the gratifying benefits of having a dedicated theater for personal use, modern-day advances in residential technologies and content options are driving the rising popularity of cinema installations in Pittsburgh, PA, homes. Keep reading to learn more about the factors making a home theater investment more worthwhile than ever before.

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Advanced audio/video Technology

Rapid advancements in AV technology are a boon for movie enthusiasts who enjoy watching entertainment from the comfort of a home theater. The sophistication of residential display technologies has the power to recreate a high-quality viewing experience surpassing the commercial theater experience. 

  • Large-screen TVs. Where once projectors reigned supreme in the size department, TVs are quickly catching up. Today’s leading television manufacturers are offering screens up to 85” for the big-screen experience at home. And this year, Sony launched a new 100” 4K UHD HDR television onto the market.
  • High-dynamic range (HDR) technology. HDR is a game-changer for TV image quality. The technology — now available with many mid-range and high-end televisions — facilitates better contrast and color ranges, resulting in blacker blacks, brighter highlights, and more vivid color detail for supported content.
  • Short-throw projectors. Traditional long-throw projectors require considerable distance between the projector lens and the screen, making a projection screen setup nearly impossible in some smaller theater rooms and multipurpose spaces. In contrast, short-throw projectors require considerably less distance between the lens and the screen, opening new possibilities for projector placement in theater systems of all sizes.
  • 4K projectors. In some areas — like brightness and HDR — projectors continue to lag TVs in terms of quality. But high-quality 4K projectors are finally commonplace in today’s display market, and they deliver exceptionally crisp and detailed picture quality on a gigantic screen. If you choose the projector route for your home theater, you won’t be disappointed by the lifelike viewing experience.

Sound technology is more advanced as well. For example, 3D audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X allow you to recreate the immersive, surround sound experience in your theater room at home. 

Access to Unlimited Content

Fresh content is more readily available to the public than ever before. With shorter windows between theatrical and home release, and the abundance of original streaming content in the works, you now have the chance to stay at home without missing out on the experience of viewing new films in a theatrical setting.

  • Reduced release-to-home time. Traditionally, a 60-90 day exclusive theatrical release was common before new movies were released to streaming, digital download, or Blu-ray. Now, the average release-to-home window has shortened to 30-45 days, and some new films are undergoing simultaneous release to theater and streaming platforms.
  • Original streaming content. Streaming platforms like Apple TV, Disney+, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and HBO are pouring money into high-production value original content. With a home theater, you can enjoy the cinematic experience for original movies, TV shows, and other content that will never make it onto the big screen otherwise.

Trust the team at Simply Automated to be your home theater design and installation experts. We’ll work with you from start to finish to create the best entertainment experience for your Pittsburgh, PA home. Call or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation at one of our two locations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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