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3 Design Ideas for Custom Home Theaters in Your Pittsburgh House


Explore our design ideas to find a unique theater system that meets your entertainment needs!

You can probably conjure up a very specific image in your mind of what a “movie theater” should look like. Most commercial theaters have the same general layout, and the classic cinema design is popular in home theater installations around the world.

But what if that’s not the right look or feel for you? It doesn’t have to be! Home theater technology and design techniques have advanced tremendously over the years, allowing integrators like Simply Automated the freedom and flexibility to build custom home theaters for unique entertainment needs, spaces, and aesthetics.

Are you ready to reimagine the home theater experience? Keep reading to learn three design ideas for a custom cinema in your Pittsburgh, PA, home.

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1. Multipurpose Media Room

A home theater doesn’t need to be the centerpiece of your entertainment system. Instead, it could be one section of a multipurpose media room that supports different types of entertainment. Multipurpose room design tends to be less structured than dedicated home theaters.

For example, you might have multiple display screens, an eclectic array of seating (recliners, loveseats, beanbag chairs), and a surround sound setup for watching movies and listening to music. Additionally, your media room might contain a pool table or dartboards, a built-in bar, a golf simulator, and other entertainment systems so that there’s something for everyone. Finally, dimmable lighting and motorized shades round out the room design to control brightness and sunlight in your space.

Our team will integrate your technology with Control4 automation so that you can access and manage all the systems in your media room from a smartphone or tablet. With the press of a button, you can instantly set up the room with the right AV, lighting, and shading for different activities.

2. Hidden Theater

A hidden theater that blends into your living or family room is a fantastic way to get the home theater experience while making use of the space you already have. The team at Simply Automated can help you outfit your room with a large-screen TV concealed in a custom cabinet, ceiling mount, or behind artwork that matches the décor. Or, if a projection screen is your display of choice, we offer several motorized models that retract into the ceiling when not in use.

With the help of hidden in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers, we can create an immersive surround sound setup that will make you feel like you’re living inside the film instead of sitting on the family room couch. Finally, motorized shades and dimmable smart lighting will bring your living room theater together and let you create the perfect ambiance for movies and shows.

With Control4 automation, your hidden theater can appear and disappear at your command with the press of a button on a smartphone or tablet.

3. Outdoor Theater

There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending a crisp fall evening watching movies on the patio or a hot summer day watching TV in the pool. An outdoor theater setup lets you experience entertainment in a whole new way while still delivering the same high-quality sound and visuals you expect from your home entertainment systems.

High-performance outdoor speakers are designed to cut through ambient environmental noise and direct clear, even sound coverage to your patio, pool deck, or entire backyard. Buried subwoofers will deliver the deep bass you need to achieve the full sound experience from films and TV shows. Pair your sound system with a weatherproof outdoor TV for stunning visuals in daylight and nighttime settings. We offer several models of 4K TVs for full shade, partial shade or full sunlight use so that you can enjoy your media anywhere outdoors.

Trust the team at Simply Automated to be your home theater design and installation experts. We’ll work with you from start to finish to create the best entertainment experience for your Pittsburgh, PA home. Call or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation at one of our two locations.

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