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The Art (and Science) of Creating an Immersive Home Theater Soundscape


Good audio sweeps you directly into the action of your favorite films

As the American film director and screenwriter George Lucas famously said, sound is 50% of the moviegoing experience. A movie’s soundscape has just as much influence on invoking strong feelings and reactions from a film as the visuals do. 

One of the primary draws of a home theater setup is the ability to recreate a surround sound experience outside of the commercial theater setting. Optimizing the acoustics in a home theater requires design and engineering unique to any other type of entertainment space. At Simply Automated, we’ve spent years perfecting the art and science of creating immersive soundscapes in private cinemas across Pittsburgh, PA. 

Keep reading to learn more about how we deliver the best audio experiences to our clients.

Considering a DIY Home Theater Setup? Read This First.


Don’t gamble your time and money on a DIY project — invest in a professional installation

Many homeowners take on a DIY home theater setup because they believe it will save them time and money. But building a private home theater involves more than setting up a new TV and plugging in a few speakers. When a professional integrator installs your home theater system, every component is designed and calibrated to function as part of a seamless whole to bring you an unequaled movie-watching experience.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen DIY setups turn sour quickly when homeowners get in over their heads. We recommend calling our team at Simply Automated from the very beginning to design, install, customize and integrate your home theater in Pittsburgh, PA. Keep reading to learn all the areas that benefit from a professional touch.

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