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Considering a DIY Home Theater Setup? Read This First.


Don’t gamble your time and money on a DIY project — invest in a professional installation

Many homeowners take on a DIY home theater setup because they believe it will save them time and money. But building a private home theater involves more than setting up a new TV and plugging in a few speakers. When a professional integrator installs your home theater system, every component is designed and calibrated to function as part of a seamless whole to bring you an unequaled movie-watching experience.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen DIY setups turn sour quickly when homeowners get in over their heads. We recommend calling our team at Simply Automated from the very beginning to design, install, customize and integrate your home theater in Pittsburgh, PA. Keep reading to learn all the areas that benefit from a professional touch.


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An excellent home theater setup starts with a custom design. The size, shape and location of your room play a huge role in determining the best system design for your space. Would a large-screen TV or projector be the best option? How many speakers do you need in your surround-sound system? What kind of lighting would be best to provide illumination without creating glare or altering image quality? How should the seats be arranged to give everyone the right viewing angle?

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to theater design. At Simply Automated, we have a deep understanding of every aspect of design and operation to ensure that you get precisely what you want from your custom theater.


Today’s flat-screen TVs and projector/projector screens are large and complicated to set up, especially if you want a wall mounting. Nothing is worse than mounting a 75-inch display screen yourself, only to step back and realize it’s crooked. In addition to a display screen, your theater room will likely need in-ceiling and in-wall speaker installation for surround-sound, and we don’t recommend drilling into your walls without consulting an expert first. 

At Simply Automated, our technicians have the tools and skills necessary to complete a professional equipment installation for displays, sound components, lighting fixtures and seating. Rest assured that you won’t have to deal with chipped paint and plaster, extra drilling holes, loose parts or crooked mountings — we guarantee a clean installation that matches your design plans.

Calibration and Acoustic Treatments

Setting up a theater room, plugging in the right AV equipment, and letting it fly may give you an OK or good movie-watching experience — but an unsurpassed, 100% immersive experience requires professional calibration and treatment.

First, your room has a significant effect on your system’s sound quality. We’ll install acoustic treatments to balance the sound and limit reflections that cause distortion and unintelligible audio. Second, your AV equipment isn’t set up for optimal performance right out of the box. We’ll perform a professional calibration to balance your sound system and adjust the frequencies and equalization to deliver smooth, even audio. We’ll also calibrate your video display for peak brightness, color and contrast settings.

Integrated Control

The best home theater experience is one that you can control with ease and simplicity. When you work with Simply Automated, we’ll integrate every aspect of your theater — audio/video, lighting, room temperature, shades — with Control4 automation so that you can control the room using a single, convenient smart device.

Choose the team at Simply Automated for your home theater setup in Pittsburgh, PA. Get started by calling us or filling out a contact form to set up a consultation. 

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