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Why Design Matters in Your Dedicated Home Theater Setup


A truly extraordinary movie-watching experience starts with the right theater design for your space

A private home cinema can bring so much joy and entertainment to your Pittsburgh, PA household. No more waiting in line, buying expensive tickets and snacks, and enduring noisy neighbors to see a movie. Show up to your home theater in pajamas with freshly popped popcorn to enjoy films, TV shows, video games and sports from the comfort and privacy of home.

Building your entertainment oasis starts with the right home theater design — and numerous factors go into creating an immersive and engaging movie-watching experience. Keep reading to learn more!


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Exceptional Viewing

One of the most important design elements in your private theater is having the right display type and setup to ensure that everyone watching a movie or playing a video game has a high-quality and comfortable experience. The room size, ceiling height, and ambient light sources should all be considered when choosing the right display.

You may be better off with a large-screen TV or short-throw projector in a small room with a low ceiling instead of a large projector screen. You’ll need enough space to arrange the seating so that nobody has to crane their neck uncomfortably to view the screen. If you have windows or other ambient light sources in your room, consider motorized window shades or an ambient light rejecting projector screen to ensure your display doesn’t look washed out. You should also keep in mind that lighter paint colors on the walls may cause bouncing light reflections that distract from the viewing experience.

At Simply Automated, our team is knowledgeable about room size, viewing distance, viewing angles, wall colors, and other factors that contribute to your overall viewing experience. We’ll work with you to build a custom design that allows you to lose yourself in a film, video game, Netflix show, or sports game without being distracted by elements like poor lighting or uncomfortable seating.  

Immersive Surround Sound

Sound quality is a defining element in your home theater. A professionally installed surround sound system transports you from passively watching a film to actively experiencing every dramatic monologue, high-speed car chase, and arcing musical score. Surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X have the power to create fuller, richer, and authentic sound experiences that immerse you in the environment of your favorite films, TV shows, or sports games.

A surround sound system splits audio signals into multiple channels and sends different sound information to different speakers in the theater room. Formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are “object-based,” in that they send sounds where they would naturally occur in space. For example, if your movie features a person running from the left side of the screen to the right, the accompanying audio (feet pounding the pavement, ragged breathing, ambient traffic noises) moves similarly across your listening space. Surround sound sets up a 3D audio experience that sounds crisper, cleaner, and more dynamic than traditional audio.     

Of course, the quality of your surround sound system depends on proper speaker placement, acoustic treatments, and audio system calibration, which is why we recommend contacting a professional like Simply Automated to design a custom sound experience for your home theater.

Choose the team at Simply Automated for your home theater design in Pittsburgh, PA. We have two locations now — one serving East Pittsburgh and one serving West Pittsburgh. Get started by calling us or filling out a contact form to set up a consultation. 

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