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What Is It Like to Live in a Control4 Smart Home?


Learn how Control4 home automation improves your daily routines and activities

At Simply Automated, we’re big fans of Control4 home automation, and we highly recommend a Control4 system for homeowners and families interested in adding more comfort, convenience, and control to their households. A whole-home automation system allows you to access and manage all your home technologies in one place. Control4 integrates with thousands of third-party devices and manufacturers, meaning you can design your home with the smart devices of your choice and still control everything using nothing more than a smartphone app, touchscreen tablet, or even your voice. 

Read our latest blog article for a closer look at what living in a Control4 smart home can do for you and your family in Pittsburgh, PA. Then take advantage of Simply Automated’s Control4 certified showrooms (in East Pittsburgh and West Pittsburgh) and come in for an exclusive demo of these smart technologies.


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Find More Convenience

Save time throughout the day with automated sequences and processes that streamline daily activities. When you leave the house for the day, tap one button on your phone or touchscreen that automatically turns off the lights, sets the thermostat on energy-saving mode, and arms the alarm as you walk out the door. At the end of the day, one button tap on your phone can trigger the thermostat to lower by a few degrees and turn on lights in the driveway, front hallway, and living room so that your home is ready and waiting when you arrive. 

When you’re ready to relax with a movie after work, there’s no need to fiddle with multiple remotes to turn on the TV and sound system and adjust the lights. One tap on your smartphone or touchscreen powers up your entertainment system, pulls up Netflix, lowers the motorized shades, and dims the living room lights. Within seconds, you’re hitting play on a movie. 

Prioritize Comfort

Use smart home systems to create a comfortable and relaxing environment no matter where you are. smart thermostat and temperature sensors optimize indoor temperature and humidity levels based on the outdoor temperature, room occupancy, and preset preferences, ensuring everyone in the household can relax in a comfortable climate. Use motorized shades and dimmable lighting control to create a perfect blend of natural and artificial light indoors. You can adjust the lights and shades with the touch of a button on your smartphone or set automated schedules for different times of the day. 

Feel Safe and Secure 24/7

Home safety and security are priorities for you. Home automation allows you to integrate alarms, sensors, surveillance cameras, lighting, and door locks so that your home is safeguarded at all times. 

Motion-activated cameras start recording and send an alert to your smartphone as soon as motion is detected within the camera’s range. You can integrate cameras with lights and loud alarms that might spook an intruder. Smart smoke, water, and fire sensors set off an alarm and send an instant notification to your smartphone if a fire or leak occurs. Automated door locks eliminate the need to carry around keys that are easily lost or stolen. Instead, use a secure passcode to enter your home. While you’re at work, you can access and monitor your security cameras, alarms, and locks using the Control4 app on your smartphone. 

We invite you to visit our certified Control4 showroom and experience center to interact with smart home technology yourself. Our experienced technicians will be on-hand to provide demonstrations, answer questions, and help you find the technologies that will make your life easier. 

We have two convenient locations in West Pittsburgh and East Pittsburgh. Call or fill out an online form to schedule your showroom visit today! 

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