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Our Process

As technology professionals we take great pride in having a standardized design-build process in place to ensure you receive a high-quality, reliable solution that matches your performance expectations.
  • Design
  • Build

Let Our Process Guide the Way

For all of our projects, we strive for the ultimate professionalism by sticking to a consistent and transparent process. This way you know exactly what to expect throughout all phases of the project and have a clear understanding of how your technology goals are brought to life.

From start, to finish, and beyond...

Whether you're a new client interested in our solutions, or not getting the support you need elsewhere, we would love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to call or use our contact form to reach us for any reason. Our talented staff of representatives is knowledgeable, responsive and ready to answer all your questions. Our technicians are certified, experienced, and extremely passionate about every project. We take pride in building lifelong relationships with our valued clients. Contact us below – we are ready to go the extra mile for you.


Our team is set on creating a system designed and curated just for you, so to get to that end result, we’ll start off with a one-on-one conversation at your home or in our Control4 certified showroom. You’ll get the chance to demo every high-end solution you can bring to your space, from lighted mirrors to a dedicated home theater. Be prepared for an extensive, informative experience where you can learn about and envision everything you want for your project. Discuss your plans with us and voice your opinions – we take all your needs and preferences into account before moving on to the next stage, including your budget and sizing restrictions. From there, we can better tailor and customize your system to further its capabilities and add convenience to your day-to-day.


Next, we’ll create a proposal for your project. We take the information we’ve just gathered in the discovery process and plan out your entire system, keeping your priorities and budget in mind. During this step, we’ll walk you through each room, so you know what each solution and system does to enhance your daily life. We’ll dive into the specific features you’ve chosen, from lighting fixtures and shades to multi-room audio, and how they’ll serve the individual space they’re in, and your home overall.


After getting approval for your proposal, we’ll create project drawings and documentation to aid in the implementation of the project. Depending on the depth of your project, your plans might incorporate low-voltage wiring, lighting design, engineering schematics, keypad specifications, speaker locations, home theater design or more. We follow these plans to the letter, ensuring that the outcome completely matches your initially approved design.


At this stage, we’ve made it to the actual job site. Once the project starts, it will be assigned a project manager who will work with every contractor or other parties involved. We’ll lay out the project together, with multiple walk-throughs, ensuring that everything is up to spec just as it was decided upon. We make it our mission to keep everyone on the same page, sticking to schedules and accommodating everyone on board. We set your project up for success from the get-go by bringing the entire team together and achieving your ultimate dream home in the end.


Prior to your project’s completion, you can plan on spending a good amount of time with our team. We don’t just install your solutions and leave – we’ll give you a solid education on how to use your new investment. Our team is here to support you for the long haul. Our client relationships last years and decades; we are involved and immersed with your project now and in the future. We will be there for you through your warranty period and beyond with our available 24/7 Smart Care plans, so you can rest assured your home is in good care after we complete your project – and years down the road.

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