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Smart Home Automation

Envision a world of luxury with effortless control of lights, music, security, video, shades and more.


Your very own private cinema awaits with world-class solutions for vivid picture, immersive surround sound, dynamic lighting, luxury seating and intuitive one-touch controls.

Dedicated Home Theater

Dress up your viewing space to look and feel like a traditional cinema with the right equipment and design. Wide, front projection screens completely immerse you in the action on screen, delivering a vivid, lifelike image for all your media content. Comfortable theater seating comes in a variety of design choices, and keeps you relaxed while still maintaining the acoustics of the room.

Loudspeakers from JBL Synthesis promise high-performance surround sound like you’ve never experienced before. To achieve this high-fidelity functioning, JBL loudspeakers feature horn-loaded compression drivers, titanium tweeters, and precise crossover networks for the most accurate sound reproduction. With JBL’s room correction technology (ARCOS), your system provides the desired calibration and audio distribution for any dedicated theater space so that every viewer hears the same quality of sound.

When you work with our designers, we tackle every aspect of the build process with you – from lighting and seating to audio/video and acoustic treatments. You might not think of how your seating or carpeting choices affect your sound and view overall, but we take everything into consideration. We provide turn-key solutions for customized home theater rooms and experiences.

Family Room

Looking for a more casual viewing environment? The family room can provide the perfect entertainment getaway after a long day at work or when you’re ready to spend an evening with the whole family. Enjoy a family favorite or classic film on a 77" or 97" OLED screen that brings any content to life. 

A custom sound bar that is built to your TV’s specifications will marry with it as if they’re one. Accompanying architectural speakers from trusted brands like Bowers & Wilkins, Paradigm, Leon or James Loudspeaker will blend in with your existing décor and create a surround sound performance that elevates your whole experience. In-wall subwoofers can bring a subtle but powerful bass to your everyday TV shows while maintaining the integrity of your home design and aesthetics.

Multi-Purpose Media Room

Transform your regular family room environment to a performance home theater with a touch of a button. Imagine watching the news in the evening and wishing you could make it a full-on movie night with the family – but without any extra hassle. A multi-purpose media room featuring a high-end video wall installation ensures that this vision becomes a reality. With that simple button-press, a 150-inch motorized projection screen will roll down in front of your standard 75-inch TV, taking your view to a whole new level. A 4K projector will then come out of the ceiling from behind you, your lights will slowly dim, your blackout shades will lower – and as your movie begins, you’ll have been transported to the town theater without ever having gotten up from your family room couch.

Your Dolby Atmos optimized system will pack a powerful surround sound performance for your next movie night or party. These architectural speakers will be heard, not seen, and will go unnoticed during a regular hang-out or coffee with friends. A sleek 150-inch performance flat-panel TV display will effortlessly deliver crystal-clear 4K and 8K resolution for prime viewing, while just as easily lowering into your furniture or hiding behind a sliding panel to showcase artwork or photography when not in use.

Don’t limit your Cranberry Township or Southwest PA home entertainment space to serving just one situation or setting. A multi-purpose home media room provides the perfect environment for various types of gatherings. 

Outdoor Entertainment

Why keep all the fun indoors? A whole house audio/video system lets you bring your entertainment outside with weatherproof audiovisual equipment that can withstand fluctuations in weather or extreme temperature. Landscape speakers disperse high-end audio all across your Canonsburg, PA patio and backyard, facing inward so only you and your guests can hear your tunes – and your next-door neighbors won’t. Speakers can mount onto the walls or blend in among your foliage, with underground subwoofers delivering a bass that many wouldn’t expect in an outdoor environment.

Find an outdoor TV screen for any area of your Upper St. Clair, PA yard. Full sun, partial sun, or full shade: there’s a screen that will accommodate even the sunniest or darkest outdoor spaces. Watch the game by the pool or on the patio and never strain to see through a stray sun glare. Optimal screen brightness surpasses your standard indoor TV for outdoor use completely, and will bring incredible picture quality to your Fox Chapel or Sewickley, PA backyard, every time.

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