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Capture the Feeling of Smarter Living

Discover how smart technology effortlessly blends into the fabric of your home.


Reimagine How You Enjoy Comfort & Convenience

Whether you live in Canonsburg, Sewickley, or Greater Pittsburgh, PA, smart technology can provide the perfect balance of splendor and functionality to every space in your home – from the bedroom to the wine cellar.

Effortless control of all of your Fox Chapel, PA home’s technology.

Enjoy unprecedented access to high-quality home entertainment.

Keep your family safe at all times with strategically placed cameras throughout your Upper St. Clair, PA home’s perimeter.

A proper office network setup has reliable high-speed internet connectivity for surfing, entertainment and control.

We design a home theater solution catered to your space and budget. Enjoy customized entertainment that fits your exact needs.

Preserve your interior design with discreet technology solutions.


Effortlessly craft the perfect ambiance for every indulgence, from your morning cup of coffee to your weekly dinner date with family and friends.

Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Multi-room Music · Wi-Fi · Voice Control
Sample Solutions

Lighting Control

Activity-based lighting scenes such as cooking, entertain and clean-up are easily accessed from any lighting keypad or interface.

Automated Shades

Automated shades will open and close based off the time of day. As they follow the sun’s pattern, you won’t have to lift a finger as they block out harsh glares or let in a natural light glow. Now you can focus on meal prepping instead of lowering your shades.

Smart Home Control

A single tap on your touch screen can activate a cooking scene. Raise the lighting, adjust the shades and start your favorite playlist while you prepare a meal.

Family Room

Transform your moments of family fun and relaxation with solutions for enhanced comfort and convenience.

Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Media Control · Hidden audio/video · Hand-Held Control
Sample Solutions

Motorized Window Treatments

Easily adjust your shades and drapes without moving from your couch to bring in natural light for morning relaxation or to avoid sun glare during a movie.

Media Control

Turn on your TV, stream your family’s favorite music, and select a film to enjoy—all from one intuitive interface for clutter-free control.

Hand-Held Control

Command limitless entertainment with just a click of a remote, from turning on your TV to setting the perfect scene for movie night or game day.

Whole Home

Experience the true potential of sophisticated living with intuitive one-touch control and automation.

Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Climate Control · Multi-room Music · Smart Security · Wi-Fi · Automated Door Locks
Sample Solutions

Security / Life Safety

Ensure that your family stays well-protected throughout the day and night. Surveillance cameras monitor your property for you, while fire and carbon monoxide alarms keep your home safe.

Lighting Control

Set the mood in any room or throughout your entire home with lifestyle inspired lighting scenes to suit the perfect occasion.

Multi-room Music

Create the perfect soundscape throughout one or all of the rooms in your home with instant access to your favorite media sources from your mobile device or system interface.


Experience smooth and robust network coverage across your entire property with strategically located Wi-Fi access points.


Watch the morning news from your bathroom mirror TV while you listen to the audio coming from discreet overhead Bowers & Wilkins speakers that blend in effortlessly with the room’s decor.

Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Multi-room Music · Hidden audio/video · Lighted Mirrors · Smart Mirrors
Sample Solutions

LED Fixtures

We provide lighting design that adequately illuminates the whole room, eliminating the amount of fixtures needed and saving you more energy.

Multi-room Music

Effortlessly extend your favorite online playlist or media collection into the bathroom through designer speakers while you prepare for the day or take a soothing bath.

Lighted Mirrors

Get ready in the morning with flattering lighting that you can either brighten or dim to your preference. Even conveniently change the lighting’s color temperature to see how you’ll look at different points throughout the day.

Creative Lighting

Accentuate your space with LED illuminated countertops. Give your aesthetics a boost with lighting that elevates the whole room.

Lighting Control

Set the perfect ambiance for relaxing in the tub by candlelight or getting ready for work with one-touch customizable scenes that brighten and dim lights on command.

Media Room

Create the perfect environment for entertaining with one-touch control of an immersive audio/video entertainment system.

Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Media Control · Lighting Control · High-Performance Audio · Hidden audio/video · Universal Remotes · LED Lighting
Sample Solutions

Accent Lighting

With accent lighting, you can craft the perfect setting for any occasion. Dimmed ceiling lighting is ideal for a movie night or for simply watching the evening news. When the night is done, one touch on your remote sets the goodnight scene and lights a pathway to bed.

High-Performance Home Theater

Create the ultimate movie viewing experience every time you press play. Dolby Atmos surround sound is designed to draw you into your media, delivering an immersive quality you’ve never heard or felt before.

Motorized Shades + Drapes

Don’t let an intense sun glare ruin a movie viewing. Without even getting up from the couch, you can easily adjust your motorized shades and drapes to block out the sun’s lighting. Then, later bask in its glow and illuminate the whole space as you relax or read.

Listening Room

Rediscover the power and beauty of music in its purest form with high-performance, two-channel speaker systems coupled with acoustic treatments to optimize your system.
Common Solutions
High-Performance Audio · Home Media · Lighting Control · Acoustic Treatments · High-Performance Stereo
Sample Solutions

Acoustic Treatments

Reduce audio distortion and echoing with proper acoustic treatments and paneling in place.

High performance Speakers + Amplifiers

Enjoy high-fidelity equipment that delivers powerful, lifelike audio. Imagine feeling like you’re at your favorite artist’s live concert – right in your own home.

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