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3 Perks of Incorporating Kaleidescape into Your Home Theater


Enjoy a wide variety of content and elevate the home theater experience for your family and friends.

Your home theater is more than just a room to watch movies. It’s where you can gather with family and friends to have some fun and create memories. Want to elevate this experience for those you love the most? Incorporate Kaleidescape movie players and servers into your home theater installation and enjoy a new content-watching experience. Keep reading to learn all the benefits of installing a Kaleidescape system and how Simply Automated can help you enhance the luxury and comfort of your spaces in your Pittsburgh, PA home.

3 Design Ideas for Custom Home Theaters in Your Pittsburgh House


Explore our design ideas to find a unique theater system that meets your entertainment needs!

You can probably conjure up a very specific image in your mind of what a “movie theater” should look like. Most commercial theaters have the same general layout, and the classic cinema design is popular in home theater installations around the world.

But what if that’s not the right look or feel for you? It doesn’t have to be! Home theater technology and design techniques have advanced tremendously over the years, allowing integrators like Simply Automated the freedom and flexibility to build custom home theaters for unique entertainment needs, spaces, and aesthetics.

Are you ready to reimagine the home theater experience? Keep reading to learn three design ideas for a custom cinema in your Pittsburgh, PA, home.

The 5 Components You Need for a Custom Home Theater


Enjoy stunning visuals and breathtaking sound in a space that’s uniquely yours

Home entertainment is booming in Pittsburgh, PA this year. At Simply Automated, we couldn’t be more excited to help you design your dream entertainment space. We specialize in custom home theaters that allow you to make the most of your movie, TV, sports and video game experiences. If you’re considering an upgrade to a private home cinema, keep reading to learn the 5 components you need to make your theater room come alive.

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