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4 Must-Have Elements to Build an Outstanding Home Theater

A home theater with the Disney Pixar movie “Finding Nemo” displayed on the screen.

Recreate the excitement of a top-level cinematic experience!

Where does the journey of an elevated cinematic experience begin? At Simply Automated, we believe it is a combination of creating the right ambiance and integrating high-quality technology. With our custom home theater solutions, you can effortlessly turn an ordinary space into a luxurious family room to enjoy home entertainment on a whole new level.

Are you looking to enhance your entertainment experience in your Pittsburg, PA, home? Then, keep reading our blog to learn all about the key elements of an outstanding home theater.

Unpacking the Elements Behind Dedicated Home Theater Design


What sets dedicated cinemas apart from other entertainment spaces?

A home theater is an entertainment space unlike any other. Private cinemas are built to recreate and optimize the theatrical experience in a custom, controlled, one-of-a-kind room in the comfort of your Pittsburgh, PA, home. As a result, dedicated home theater design looks a lot different than design for other entertainment spaces like multipurpose media rooms. Let’s unpack three of the most important design aspects that make dedicated theaters so unique. Keep reading to learn more. 

Why Design Matters in Your Dedicated Home Theater Setup


A truly extraordinary movie-watching experience starts with the right theater design for your space

A private home cinema can bring so much joy and entertainment to your Pittsburgh, PA household. No more waiting in line, buying expensive tickets and snacks, and enduring noisy neighbors to see a movie. Show up to your home theater in pajamas with freshly popped popcorn to enjoy films, TV shows, video games and sports from the comfort and privacy of home.

Building your entertainment oasis starts with the right home theater design — and numerous factors go into creating an immersive and engaging movie-watching experience. Keep reading to learn more!

Considering a DIY Home Theater Setup? Read This First.


Don’t gamble your time and money on a DIY project — invest in a professional installation

Many homeowners take on a DIY home theater setup because they believe it will save them time and money. But building a private home theater involves more than setting up a new TV and plugging in a few speakers. When a professional integrator installs your home theater system, every component is designed and calibrated to function as part of a seamless whole to bring you an unequaled movie-watching experience.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen DIY setups turn sour quickly when homeowners get in over their heads. We recommend calling our team at Simply Automated from the very beginning to design, install, customize and integrate your home theater in Pittsburgh, PA. Keep reading to learn all the areas that benefit from a professional touch.

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