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Using Your Control4 System: 3 Fun Things You Can Do at Home


We’ll show you how to get creative with home automation

A Control4 home automation system allows you to control almost all the devices and services in your Pittsburgh, PA, house from a single place. Not only that, but Control4 makes your technology easier and more enjoyable to use. And because Control4 is such an advanced and flexible operating system, you can get creative when it comes to using your smart home to make your life easier. 

Keep reading to learn a few of our favorite ideas for getting the most out of your Control4 home automation system!

Home Entertainment Systems: The Basics

Looking to take your family room to the next level? Start here. 

Nowadays, home entertainment has taken center stage, and a quality setup is crucial for the best experience possible. Think about it, your family room usually doubles as your home’s media center and is probably the one that gets the most love. So, the right home entertainment system will make all the difference.

However, we understand that starting a project like this can be intimidating, so we broke down the top things you should know before installing a home entertainment system in your Fox Chapel, PA home.

What Is It Like to Live in a Control4 Smart Home?


Learn how Control4 home automation improves your daily routines and activities

At Simply Automated, we’re big fans of Control4 home automation, and we highly recommend a Control4 system for homeowners and families interested in adding more comfort, convenience, and control to their households. A whole-home automation system allows you to access and manage all your home technologies in one place. Control4 integrates with thousands of third-party devices and manufacturers, meaning you can design your home with the smart devices of your choice and still control everything using nothing more than a smartphone app, touchscreen tablet, or even your voice. 

Read our latest blog article for a closer look at what living in a Control4 smart home can do for you and your family in Pittsburgh, PA. Then take advantage of Simply Automated’s Control4 certified showrooms (in East Pittsburgh and West Pittsburgh) and come in for an exclusive demo of these smart technologies.

4 Essential Technologies to Include in Your Home Theater System


Discover How to Transform Any Room into Your Private Theater

With most commercial theaters still closed, families are itching for something to replace their go-to movie outings. But who says movie night has to be a thing of the past? Now that first-run movies are available on demand or direct-to-streaming, it’s the perfect time to upgrade to a professional home theater.

Cutting-edge AV technology lets you turn movie night at home into the ultimate experience. On weeks when no new releases pique your interest, you’ll also be able to enjoy your brand-new theater to watch TV shows, the latest football game or even play a video game. Instead of considering home entertainment an afterthought in your life, it’s time to put it front and center.

Today’s home theater systems give you everything you want – from 4K and 8K vivid displays and immersive surround sound to luxury seating and dynamic lighting. With the latest technology advancements, there is a wide range of home theater solutions available for all budgets and sizes. If you want a remarkable viewing—or playing—experience in your Pittsburgh, PA, home we recommend focusing on these four features.


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