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What Smart Technology Can You Explore in Our Control4 Certified Showroom?


Visit our East Pittsburgh showroom to see a home media room layout, home lighting, outdoor entertainment, and more!

Maybe you’re interested in adding smart technology or home automation to your house but don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you know you want motorized shades or smart lighting control, but you’re reluctant to invest in the technology until you see how it works. Or maybe you have questions about installing and operating new technologies in your home.

If any of the above situations sounds like you, we have one solution for you: visit the Simply Automated Control4 certified showroom. We recently opened a new location in East Pittsburgh where you can visualize and interact with smart technology firsthand and ask our experienced designers unlimited questions. Our new showroom features a home media room setup, home lighting control, shading solutions, outdoor lighting and audio, and more. Keep reading to learn about the amazing technologies you can explore.

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Home Media Room

A home media room is the entertainment hub for your household. And the best entertainment experience requires a high-quality audio/video installation. Our designers will walk you through the latest display technologies to help you find the best fit for your media room, whether that’s a sleek 4K flatscreen, a short-throw projector, or a traditional projector and screen. Listen for yourself to Dolby Atmos surround sound and a hi-fi two-channel stereo setup that recreates sound the way it was originally recorded in the studio.

Our designers will walk you through media room design options depending on your budget and space availability. We can transform your family room into a multipurpose media room with hidden technology or design a large, dedicated media room set up with a hi-fi sound system and large-screen display.

Lighting and Shading Solutions

Add more comfort to your living environment with smart lighting and motorized shading solutions. Whole-home lighting control offers you one-touch control over all the lights in your house and the power to dim lighting fixtures to a comfortable level for different activities or moods. Your home lighting can work in tandem with adjustable motorized shades to create the ideal balance of natural and artificial lighting in your home spaces. In our showroom, you can demo different lighting scenes with a touchscreen tablet.

You can also demo one of our unique lighting solutions: lighted mirrors from Electric Mirror. Elevate your bathroom with LED-lit mirrors that provide the right illumination for shaving, applying makeup, styling your hair, getting dressed, and pampering yourself.

Outdoor Living

Your outdoor living spaces are an essential part of your home. Create an inviting environment with landscape, patio, and pool lighting that allows you to host dinner parties, get-togethers, and late-night swimming parties even after the sun has gone down. And what’s an outdoor party without music? Take a listen to the Paradigm Garden Oasis series — a collection of outdoor landscape speakers that deliver dynamic, balanced sound throughout your entire backyard.

Along with interacting with these technologies individually, explore how they all work together. At Simply Automated, we’ll integrate all your home systems — audio/video systems, lighting, shading, outdoor entertainment, and more — with Control4 home automation. With Control4, easily access and manage your entire home from a single smart device like your smartphone or a touchscreen tablet.

Visit our certified Control4 showroom to interact with smart home technology firsthand. Our experienced designers will be available to provide demonstrations, answer questions, and help you find the technologies that will make your life easier and more comfortable. 

We have two convenient locations in West Pittsburgh and East Pittsburgh. Call or fill out an online form to schedule your showroom visit today! 

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