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What Can You Do With Smart Home Lighting Control?

From pool lighting in the backyard to lighted mirrors in the bathroom, Simply Automated can do it all

Your Pittsburgh, PA, home lighting brings functional value, entertainment, ambiance, security and comfort to your life. The right lighting can affect how you feel, how you look and how well your home functions day-to-day.

So if you’re ready to bring modern, smart home lighting control into your lifestyle, turn to the experts at Simply Automated for help. We can handle all your lighting needs for new construction, an existing home, or a remodel. From design to fixtures, to installation and one-touch control, Simply Automated will be by your side to help you choose the solutions that work for you and your family. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing things you can do with smart lighting.

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Elevate Daily Routines, Entertainment and Comfort

Indoor lighting can invoke just the right mood or feeling for any situation and make daily tasks easier to complete. At Simply Automated, we can install one-touch control solutions in any room you desire, including oft-overlooked rooms like your kitchen and bathrooms.

In the early evening, bright overhead lighting in the kitchen can help you stay alert and focused while chopping veggies and preparing a meal. Later, as you share ice cream with your spouse and chat at the kitchen table, tap one button on your smart device to soften the lights into a warm, relaxing glow. A lighted mirror can eliminate dark shadows in the bathroom that usually make shaving or applying makeup a challenge. At night, cozy, dimmable bathroom lighting can help you set the mood for a tranquil soak in the tub after work.      

Spend More Time Outdoors

Don’t limit yourself to inside the house — at Simply Automated, we have beautiful landscape lighting solutions to help you make the most of your outdoor spaces. Outdoor lighting is fantastic for entertainment, aesthetics and security.

In the front yard, path lights and porch lights that automatically turn on when the sun sets can provide helpful illumination when you arrive home from work. Motion-sensor activated floodlights on the lawn can scare away home intruders who come too close to your house. And elegant up-lighting and downlighting fixtures can increase your home’s curbside appeal by showcasing stunning architecture or landscaping.   

In the backyard, fun, color-changing LED string lights or garden lights on the patio can add a playful ambiance for outdoor parties. Strategically installed path lights can lead guests along a late-night stroll through the gardens or light up the pool area for a midnight swim. On the patio, elegant on-wall and eave lighting can slowly illuminate as the sun goes down and cast a warm glow that invites you to stay outside for just a little while longer.

Integrate Lighting With Control4 Home Automation

Control4 home automation is the key to truly enjoying your smart home lighting system. With Control4, you can access and manage all your home lighting — indoor and out — through the interface of your choice: a smartphone app, the Neeo handheld remote, a touchscreen tablet like an iPad or custom-made on-wall or on-table keypads. Use your Control4 app to build custom lighting schedules and scenes that control room-by-room or whole-home lighting functions automatically or at a set time.

Lighting is one smart system of many that you can integrate with Control4 automation. With Control4’s centralized hub, add audio/video, climate, security, outdoor entertainment and window treatments, and manage everything through the smart device of your choice.   

At Simply Automated, we’re experts at home lighting control and design, and our team is committed to finding the right solution to meet your needs and lifestyle. When you’re ready to discuss a home lighting project, call us, visit our Control4 certified showroom, or fill out a contact form online.

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