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Opening This January: Our New Location in Pittsburgh - East


We’re thrilled to be expanding our home technology solutions and first-class customer service across The Pittsburgh Region

At Simply Automated, we have an early holiday gift for you: we’re opening a second location in the Murrysville, Export area in January 2021. We are incredibly excited that we have so many loyal customers and a growing customer base that necessitates a second location in Pittsburgh.

So what’s new? Just our address. And what will never change? Our transparent process, our passion, our experience, and our dedication to designing and delivering your ideal home automation installation. Keep reading to learn how our new location will still offer our same outstanding services.


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The Same Home Automation Solutions

Our Pittsburgh East location will have a certified Control4 showroom and experience center. We highly recommend visiting our beautiful showroom to experience smart technology first hand and learn how home automation works.

Right now, it may be hard to imagine how a connected home operates. Press one button on your smartphone, and all your home’s doors lock, the alarm arms, motorized shades roll down and the thermostat adjusts to 3 degrees cooler to prepare for nighttime? Use your tabletop touchscreen to dim the living room lights, uncover a sleek, 4K TV from behind a wall painting, and tap the Netflix icon to start the next episode of Stranger Things? Wake up in the morning to Pandora playing over the bedroom speakers, motorized shades raising with the sun, and the smart coffeemaker firing up in the kitchen? It sounds like a futuristic sci-fi fantasy until you see it in action.

At our showroom and experience centers, we’ll demonstrate all the technologies you can include in a Control4 smart home and let you interact with the control interfaces and automated sequences.

The Same Amazing Process and Customer Service

Just because our family is growing, we’re not abandoning the personal care and attention we give to each and every one of our clients. You’re the reason a second location is possible for us! At Simply Automated, we take great pride in our transparent, standardized design-build process. We’ll be with you to guide technology selection, smart home design, project management, engineering, system testing and service and support.

The first step of any home automation installation is an in-depth consultation with our team, either at your house or in our showroom. We love inviting you to our Control4 showroom because interacting with different technologies can help you decide what you want in your custom home design. For example, a lot of people never consider adding smart technology to their bathrooms. But once you see our lighted mirror, smart mirror interface, waterproof TV and hidden speaker solutions, you’ll never want a plain old shower again. 

At Simply Automated, we’re ready to bring your smart technology goals to life...now from two locations!

Simply Automated - West

190 Industry Drive, Suite A

Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Simply Automated – East (Opening January 2021!)

5549 Old William Penn Hwy

Export, PA 15632

Please get in touch by giving us a call, visiting our showroom, or filling out a contact form!

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Sewickley HQ

215 Beaver St.
Leetsdale, PA 15056

Pittsburgh West

190 Industry Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275


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215 Beaver St.
Leetsdale, PA 15056

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