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PowerShades: Award-Winning Motorized Window Treatments

Add More Luxury to Living with Innovative Motorized Roller Shades from PowerShades

Getting up in the morning is a lot easier when you have motorized window treatments at your home in Pittsburgh, PA. As the sun begins to rise, your shades automatically open to reveal a beautiful morning. There’s no need to get out of bed to adjust them or mess with the cords. It’s a refreshing and luxurious way to start the day. With window treatments designed and installed by Simply Automated, you have smart remote control of your shades. 

Experience the same luxury and control during the day. Imagine raising and lowering your shades by pushing a button or setting the time of day to do it automatically. With award-winning products from PowerShades, combined with your Control4 system, you’ll make your smart home a little bit smarter and your life a lot easier. Read our latest blog to discover why to transition to motorized window treatments from PowerShades.

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The Power Behind PowerShades

Exceptional style. Perfect privacy. Outstanding natural light control. There are so many reasons to choose Simply Automated as your window treatment provider. Both indoor and outdoor motorized shades come in many styles and all sizes. Because they combine beautiful form with reliable function, these shades do much more than block out the light. They elevate your interior design.

In addition to several fabric and hardware colors, you can also choose the type of light control you want: solar, light-filtering, or light-blocking. The PoE shade offers the ultimate in motorized shading – seamless control, quiet operation, and state-of-the-art technology. Using PoE’s smart system, you can set the rhythm of your shades to fit your day’s schedule. They connect to your Control4 system, so you can easily control your shades anywhere.

The Convenience of Motorized Window Treatments

Do you have hard-to-reach windows? Everyone does. They’re either too high, behind furniture, or in a less-than-ideal location. Instead of walking around your house to open shades or trying to navigate obstacles in the process, you can make it so much easier with remote motorized window treatments. Programmed shades and blinds in a Control4 ecosystem let you lower and raise them at the touch of a button or scheduled intervals.

The Security of Automatic Shades

Oh no! You forgot to close your shades before you left for work. Don’t worry about it. Simply access your smartphone and close them. Much like automated lighting, smart locks, and smart security, your motorized shades interface with your Control4 system and can be accessed remotely. You can also program them to raise and lower at different times to create the impression that your home is always occupied.

The Energy Savings of Smart Shades

You probably never thought that shades could save you money. With the PoE product by PowerShades, you have the power to block the sun if it’s getting too hot and bright outside. For example, room-darkening shades or blackout shades have a noticeable effect on the temperature of your rooms. You’ll have more control over the light that enters each room, which lowers the cost of your energy bill. Shades also keep your furniture protected from the sun’s UV rays. 

Are you interested in learning more about PoE window treatments from PowerShades? Call Simply Automated at (412) 343-0348 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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