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Embrace Luxurious Living with Smart Home Technology


How a Reputable Smart Home Company in Pittsburgh, PA, Transforms Your Home

Technology is all around you. It connects you to the world, improves your productivity, and makes your life richer. Just consider your smartphone. Where would you be without it? You use it to text, make phone calls, purchase items, check your bank account, Facetime with friends, play games, and just about anything else. It’s fair to say that the smartphone is one of the most significant technological advances in our century.

But are you missing out on the next big technological leap? Actually, it’s already here: smart homes. Still, you may have lived your life without taking advantage of smart home technology. It is dramatically transforming the way people interact with their homes. Instead of living in the 20th century, take the leap into the 21st! Read more to see how Simply Automated, a distinguished smart home company in Pittsburgh, PA, can update your home and add more luxury to your life.  


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Smart Solutions from a Leading Smart Home Company

Simply Automated specializes in delivering high-end smart technology solutions for homeowners throughout the Pittsburgh area. Due to their exceptional work, they were featured in the August 2020 edition of CE Pro, the leading trade publication for professionals in the custom electronics industry. To be featured in the magazine is an honor and privilege, and it sets them apart as a premier smart home company.

When you partner with Simply Automated for smart home automation, you take a step into the future and radically change your way of life – for the better! For instance, by installing a Control4 automation system, you’ll get complete control of virtually anything in your home: lights, audio/video, the security system, your home theater, your air conditioning and heating system, and much more. Complete control at your fingertips – without leaving your seat!


Home Automation at Its Finest

The smart solutions don’t stop there. After all, it’s not only about control but automation as well. You can program your lights and motorized shades to operate automatically. In fact, with human-centric lighting, your lights adjust depending on the time of day and the amount of natural light entering your home. You don’t have to do a thing.

Your security system is smarter than ever, too. Integrate locks, sensors, and cameras into your Control4 system and receive an alert if there is an unlocked door, someone approaches your front door, or the garage door is left open. The best part: using your mobile app you can take action to let in a kid after school, close the garage door or lock the door remotely.

Talk to your home and let it know what you want. Josh is a best-in-class, voice-controlled automation system. Because it is fully integrated with your Control4 smart home system, you can speak to the virtual assistant to adjust the technologies in your home. You can even do it remotely by downloading the app and accessing Josh on your smartphone. It makes your smart home experience more effortless than ever.


Find out how Simply Automated can add smart technology to your home. There are even more smart solutions available, such as home theaters, whole-home audio systems, and outdoor AV. Call (412) 343-0348 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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