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3 Reasons You Need to Keep Your Home Network Installation Up to Date


Have you ever thought about how many everyday life activities are enhanced with a good home network installation?

Even though we tend to take it for granted, home networking systems should be a priority in every household. We rely on them for work, study, entertainment, and even to make our lives easier and more convenient, as is the case with home automation technologies. Make the quality of your home network installation a priority and discover all the benefits that keeping it up to date can bring for your Pittsburgh, PA home.

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A Surround Sound System for the Great Outdoors


Create the Backyard Audio that Engulfs You, Your Friends, and Family

It may seem like spring is a lifetime away, but before you know it, the crocuses and snowdrops will be blooming, and 70-plus-degrees will be in our forecast. Don’t let another beautiful season go by without creating the backyard oasis that draws family and friends to your outdoor space. 

You may already have a pool or a barbeque and landscape lighting that illuminates the yard, but there may be one thing missing—music. Not just any music, but the sound that fills the air and surrounds you, lifting you up when you’re feeling down and bringing a smile to those around you. 

Let’s explore just what it will take to create an outdoor area with a surround sound system in your Pittsburgh, PA, home. 

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How Lighting Design Turns Dull Chores into a Whole New Experience


Make your everyday activities a comfortable and enjoyable experience with a smart lighting design.

As a general rule, kitchens are the busiest place in the household. Whether it's for cooking, grabbing a snack or even getting work done, you can always count on your family being here from dawn to dusk. That being said, wouldn't it be nice to transform this bustling area of chores into a comfortable, inviting space to enjoy as a family? Lighting design can help you achieve just that!

With a smart lighting design in your kitchen, you can create personalized scenes that match your needs for comfort and ambiance. Here's how you could elevate your family's everyday lives by installing a great lighting design in the kitchen of your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home.

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Your Starter Guide to Designing a New Home Audio Installation


Get started designing your system by keeping these three considerations top of mind!

A high-quality home audio system will deliver better entertainment to you and your family. While smartphones, wireless speakers, and built-in TV sound provide the basics for your listening needs at home, a professionally designed and installed sound system will take your music, movies, TV shows, and sports games to the next level. 

Are you ready to find out what you’ve been missing? At Simply Automated, our team is here to help you get started with your next home audio installation in Pittsburgh, PA. Keep reading to learn three considerations to keep top of mind during the planning process!

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Control Your Motorized Window Treatments with Just One Touch


Smart Shades Offer Effortless Light and Privacy Control

Smart technologies are transforming our everyday lives, changing how we control our lighting, entertainment systems, and the temperature and humidity of our homes. What once required manual adjustments can now be controlled with one touch or voice activation. Today, maintaining a comfortable home that's beautiful and energy-efficient has become effortless. 

At Simply Automated, we partner with some of the leading brands in home automation and pride ourselves on offering solutions for every client, no matter the size of their home or budget. One of these brands is PowerShades. 

Let’s look at what their motorized window treatments can do for your home in Pittsburgh, PA. 

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