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3 Outdoor Spaces That Would Be Even Better With a High-Quality AV Installation


Add audio and videoaround your pool/spa, outdoor kitchen, and patio for outdoor fun all summer long

Picture this: it’s a beautiful summer evening in Pittsburgh, PA, and you and the family are relaxing outside. A movie is playing on the big outdoor TV, and you’re captivated by the stunning, vivid pictures and catchy music. The burgers and corn on the cob are almost done grilling  you get up to turn over the corn and fix a plate for everyone without missing a second of the filmYou’re enjoying this quality time with your loved ones, good food, and fantastic entertainment.

At Simply Automated, we can help make this vision a reality in your home. Adding a high-quality outdoor AV installation to your outdoor spaces can add limitless entertainment to your summer days and nights. Keep reading to learn threeareas that would benefit from audio and video!   

What Is It Like to Live in a Control4 Smart Home?


Learn how Control4 home automation improves your daily routines and activities

At Simply Automated, we’re big fans of Control4 home automation, and we highly recommend a Control4 system for homeowners and families interested in adding more comfort, convenience, and control to their households. A whole-home automation system allows you to access and manage all your home technologies in one place. Control4 integrates with thousands of third-party devices and manufacturers, meaning you can design your home with the smart devices of your choice and still control everything using nothing more than a smartphone app, touchscreen tablet, or even your voice. 

Read our latest blog article for a closer look at what living in a Control4 smart home can do for you and your family in Pittsburgh, PA. Then take advantage of Simply Automated’s Control4 certified showrooms (in East Pittsburgh and West Pittsburgh) and come in for an exclusive demo of these smart technologies.

Why Design Matters in Your Dedicated Home Theater Setup


A truly extraordinary movie-watching experience starts with the right theater design for your space

A private home cinema can bring so much joy and entertainment to your Pittsburgh, PA household. No more waiting in line, buying expensive tickets and snacks, and enduring noisy neighbors to see a movie. Show up to your home theater in pajamas with freshly popped popcorn to enjoy films, TV shows, video games and sports from the comfort and privacy of home.

Building your entertainment oasis starts with the right home theater design — and numerous factors go into creating an immersive and engaging movie-watching experience. Keep reading to learn more!

Considering a DIY Home Theater Setup? Read This First.


Don’t gamble your time and money on a DIY project — invest in a professional installation

Many homeowners take on a DIY home theater setup because they believe it will save them time and money. But building a private home theater involves more than setting up a new TV and plugging in a few speakers. When a professional integrator installs your home theater system, every component is designed and calibrated to function as part of a seamless whole to bring you an unequaled movie-watching experience.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen DIY setups turn sour quickly when homeowners get in over their heads. We recommend calling our team at Simply Automated from the very beginning to design, install, customize and integrate your home theater in Pittsburgh, PA. Keep reading to learn all the areas that benefit from a professional touch.

The 5 Components You Need for a Custom Home Theater


Enjoy stunning visuals and breathtaking sound in a space that’s uniquely yours

Home entertainment is booming in Pittsburgh, PA this year. At Simply Automated, we couldn’t be more excited to help you design your dream entertainment space. We specialize in custom home theaters that allow you to make the most of your movie, TV, sports and video game experiences. If you’re considering an upgrade to a private home cinema, keep reading to learn the 5 components you need to make your theater room come alive.

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