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Work From Home With Ease Using High-Quality audio/video Solutions


Improve your comfort levels and ability to communicate with remote colleagues with a few smart audio/video upgrades in your home office

In January 2020, you probably never expected to have to convert your home space into a home office so you can work remotely. But if you find yourself in that situation now, you’ve realized that working from home is entirely different from working in an office. Although remote work has its challenges, one of the best things about working from home is that you can customize your office space to your preferences. 

Simply Automated can help you make a few upgrades to improve your home office environment in Pittsburgh, PA. The right audio/video installationintegrated with your Control4system can add comfort and convenience to your workdays. AV solutions can also help you communicate more effectively with other remote colleagues. Keep reading to learn our recommendations!

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Distributed Audio

Distributed audiointegrated with your Control4 system is a must-have for remote work, especially if your spouse or kids are also working and e-learning from home. A multi-room audio system lets you listen to music from any room in the house with speakers.

You can play audio on a room-by-room basis or throughout the entire house. Everyone in your family can access, manage and control music in their individual space using the Control4 smartphone app. With dedicated audio zones, audio won’t seep from one room to the next so your son can enjoy music in his room without disrupting your workflow. 

Our techs at Simply Automated can install in-wall, in-ceiling, or a simple set of elegant bookshelf and desktop speakers in your home office so that you can shut out the world and find your work groove to the tune of crisp, clear music surrounding you. You can also play your favorite podcasts or audiobooks while working. 

Adjusting the volume or changing your media content is easy when everything is accessible through your Control4 smartphone app. Or better yet, use integrated voice control to ask Alexa to play your “Work Groove” Spotify playlist when it’s time to focus.  

Video Display

For a temporary work from home situation, you’ve probably managed just fine with a work or personal laptop, and possibly a second screen monitor. But if you’re working remotely long-term, we highly recommend adding a wall-mounted 4K-resolution TV to your home office. 

Video conferencing is a primary form of communication for remote workers. Having a large display screen will allow you to see all meeting participants, presentations and shared content clearly and without strain. We can help you find a good quality TV with a compatible soundbar to ensure you can hear all participants during your video calls.  

Our techs at Simply Automatedwill integrate your home office TV into your existing entertainment system with Control4. You’ll have easy access to all your media content using the Control4 smartphone app if you want to watch the news, webinars or industry-related tutorials during the day while you work.   

Beyond Audio and Video

At Simply Automated, we can help you expand in any direction to improve your home office environment. With Control4, you can integrate smart human-centric lighting (that makes you look good on camera), automated shades, smart climate control and more to increase your comfort at home. 

Let Simply Automated help you find, install and integrate the right audio/video installation and smart home features to make your home office a comfortable and productive environment. Call us today at 412-343-0348 or fill out an online formto request a consultation. We look forward to helping you use technology to improve your lifestyle!

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