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Home Network Problems? We Have the Solutions You Need.


Between juggling virtual school, remote work, and home entertainment, your home network is past due for an upgrade

For many families in Pittsburgh, PA, the home network has become an all-in-one lifeline for working remotely, attending virtual school, and streaming home entertainment with movies and TV. As homeschooling and virtual schooling begin in earnest this fall, you may be worried that your network doesn’t have the capabilities to handle the increased burden.

At Simply Automated, our team can install the home network solutions you need to solve common networking problems like spotty coverage, low bandwidth, and weak security. Keep reading to see if any of the issues below describe what you’re experiencing right now — then call Simply Automated for a consultation!  

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Problem: It’s Difficult to Get Strong Wi-Fi Signals in Every Room

The dreaded dead zones. Even a well-placed router may need some help extending coverage to every room in your home, especially if you have multiple floors. Right now, when your entire household is working and learning from home, you need connections that are just as strong for you in the home office as they are for the kids in the kitchen and living room. 

Luckily, Simply Automated has a solution for you. One robust and cost-effective option is installing wireless access points, which connect to your router via an ethernet cable.  Instead of relying on your router’s single antenna, adding access points broadens wireless coverage throughout the entire home. Hardwired access points are incredibly reliable and help to eliminate drop zones as you move from room to room.

Before you attempt to add network solutions yourself, call Simply Automated to set up an appointment for an analysis of your current network. Your house may need an updated router or network switches to handle the incoming speeds supplied by your internet provider. Our team can make recommendations based on your needs and install all the necessary equipment to ensure great coverage and performance in every room.     

Problem: Our Household Needs More Bandwidth for Work and School

When multiple devices are connected and active on your home network at the same time, it reduces the amount of bandwidth each person can use. Now more than ever, slow, glitchy internet isn’t acceptable when you need reliable connections for virtual classes, video conference calls, and uploading or downloading documents and assignments.

At Simply Automated, our team will design and build a powerful network infrastructure that increases and optimizes your bandwidth availability. We’ll ensure that your most important devices have hardwired connections to improve speed and reliability while reducing interference.

Problem: I’m Worried About Opening Sensitive Documents on My Home Network

Now that you’re working from home, you may be worried about transmitting sensitive and confidential information over your home network. And young children may not know any better than to click on a malicious site or email in their browser while completing online schoolwork. If security has you concerned, Simply Automated has your back. Our team will secure your network with robust security protocols like firewalls, data encryption, unique passwords, and two-factor authentication to prevent hackers from accessing your system and stealing your identity or personal information.

We’re all relying on our home networks more than ever right now. If your current solution isn’t equipped to handle new needs for remote work, virtual school, and home entertainment, call Simply Automated at 412-343-0348. You can also reach us by filling out an online contact form.

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