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Ring in the New Year With a Home Audio Installation


Find more enjoyment at home in the coming year with a new or upgraded audio system

As we wrap up 2020, many Pittsburgh, PA, homeowners are beginning to think about home improvements or upgrades for the new year. Simply Automated highly recommends considering upgrading your existing home audio system or investing in a home audio installation. A home audio system improves your comfort and enjoyment at home, whether you’re listening to music by yourself, adding a playlist to quality family time, or hosting a get-together with carefully selected tunes.

Keep reading to explore a few options you can pursue to upgrade your sound system or add new components. 

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Upgrade Your Equipment

If you’ve been pumping tunes through the same home audio system for years, or if you only listen to music through your laptop or smartphone, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your equipment. Whatever your budget and spacing requirements, Simply Automated can help you find high-quality audio components and speakers for a single room, multiple rooms, or your whole home.

What if you’re looking for more out of your home audio? In that case, we can design and build a dedicated listening room with acoustic treatments, a high-performance amplifier, and hi-fi speakers from brands like Bowers & Wilkins, Paradigm and Revel to deliver the ultimate, immersive listening experience. 

Add Outdoor Audio

We know you don’t want to spend a cold and wet Pittsburgh winter outside, but adding outdoor audio soon will give you something to look forward to when spring and summer sunshine drive you to the pool and patio. Simply Automated can install outdoor speakers and subwoofers on your back patio, pool deck or throughout the entire backyard. Outdoor speakers use weatherproof materials designed to withstand sun, rain and dirt so that you can leave your system outside year-round. We can also help you choose components that won’t clutter up your outdoor spaces, like in-ceiling or in-wall speakers on the patio, discreet landscape speakers that blend into the foliage, and in-ground subwoofers.

Best of all, we’ll connect your outdoor sound to your indoor audio system using a centralized control system like Control4. Now you can listen to all your favorite music indoors and out. 

Invest in Whole-Home Audio

Whole-home audio is a fantastic add-on for families. With a multi-zone distributed audio system, everyone in your family can listen to music in their bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, a home office, and even the bathroom. You and your spouse can listen to music or audiobooks in different rooms, or the entire family can listen to one playlist distributed throughout multiple rooms. At Simply Automated, we’ll integrate whole-home audio with centralized control under Control4. Everyone in your household can access and play all music sources using a smartphone app or touchscreen tablet.

With a multi-room audio system, the processing components can be hidden in a closet or in a basement area. Our team of experts will help you find the right speakers that fit your taste and style: freestanding statement speakers, concealed in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, or custom-made bookshelf speakers that match your interior design.

Request a System Evaluation From Simply Automated

Not quite sure what your home needs yet? Give Simply Automated a call, and we’ll perform a full system evaluation at your Pittsburgh home. We can make recommendations for better speaker placement and positioning, worthwhile upgrades, or a whole-home solution.

We will offer services at two amazing locations soon: Pittsburgh — East location on Old William Penn Hwy in Export, PA, (coming soon) and our Pittsburgh — West location on Industry Drive in Pittsburgh, PA. Call or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation at the location nearest you.

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