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Enjoy Sound That’s Heard But Not Seen With Hidden Audio


Hidden audio solutions marry form and function in your Pittsburgh home

A high-quality sound system is an essential component of your home entertainment setup in Pittsburgh, PA. Whether you envision a multi-room audio system for playing music in every room of the house, a home theater for viewing your favorite movies and TV shows, or a media room for mixed entertainment, stellar sound is at the heart of these activities.

But audio components are bulky and may clash horribly with your existing interior design and décor. And installing multiple speakers and speaker wires in your house quickly clutters up your rooms. However, with hidden audio solutions, you can design a home audio system that’s heard but not seen. Keep reading to learn how to get high-performance sound without sacrificing your interior design goals.

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Declutter Your Rooms

Today, multiple hidden technology solutions are available for concealing large, bulky speakers that take up valuable living space and don’t match your décor scheme. Consider the following options:

  • In-wall speakers. As the name suggests, in-wall speakers are mounted within a recessed opening inside the walls of your home. The speaker grille ends up flush with the wall and is painted the same color as the surrounding wall for a barely-there aesthetic. In-wall speakers are a fantastic hidden choice for multi-room audio, media room, home theater, and outdoor patio solutions.
  • In-ceiling speakers. Similar to in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers are mounted within a recessed opening in the ceiling and painted over to blend into the architecture. Combining in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in a multi-room audio setup or home theater creates the illusion that music is coming from all around you.
  • Invisible speakers. Invisible in-wall speakers take audio concealment one step further. These speakers are fully concealed within the walls of your home. Instead of painting over a grille, your professional installer will plaster over the speakers with drywall. The final touch is applying paint or wallpaper on the surface for a 100% invisible finish.
  • Acoustic fabric. An acoustic fabric solution is a stylish way to hide surround-sound speakers in a home theater room. A false wall is created to mount the speakers for this solution, then covered with removable panels made from acoustic fabric. You’ll have plenty of flexibility to choose a fabric that matches your unique interior design.

One concern we field is that concealing speakers will muffle or otherwise negatively impact sound quality. We can assure you that’s not the case. Over the years, architectural speaker engineering has made vast advancements to improve the sound quality of hidden speakers. A combination of high-quality speaker design, driver configuration, and speaker placement ensures that your hidden components will drive high-performance sound throughout your home or theater.

Hide Unsightly Wires

There’s nothing that ruins the aesthetic of a room quite like a tangle of wires snaking across the floor. With the hidden audio solutions listed above, the speaker cabling is concealed within your walls and ceiling. Not only does concealed cabling look cleaner and more stylish, but it also removes a huge tripping and safety hazard from your living spaces — especially if you have curious toddlers or pets that like to chew on wires.

Our tech designers will work with you or your interior design team to install hidden audio solutions that blend seamlessly with your décor. Call us or fill out an online contact form to set up a no-obligation consultation with our experts. We look forward to working with you!

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