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Building A Better Outdoor Speaker System with Paradigm


Paradigm’s Garden Oasis series delivers superior sound no matter the weather or time of year

With major disruptions coming to our daily lives due to the spread of coronavirus, we’ll all be spending a lot more time at home as we do our part to protect vulnerable members of our community. “At home” doesn’t mean constantly indoors, however, and with spring in full bloom, now’s the time to get your home’s outdoor spaces ready for use.

One way to get more use out of your yard is with outdoor speakers, and if you’re going to install outdoor speakers, you need equipment designed for the specific challenges presented by having electronic components exposed to the elements. That’s why we recommend Paradigm’s Garden Oasis line outdoor speaker system, and today we’ll show you why these speakers are your best bet for outdoor sound at your Pittsburgh home.

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Given that outdoor speakers are, by definition, placed in an environment where they’re vulnerable to rain and other weather hazards, it’s important that the speakers be properly protected from the weather. Luckily, Paradigm has that covered with their Garden Oasis series. The exterior of their GO4 and GO6 speakers is made of a proprietary material called PolyGlass that’s resistant to rain and ultraviolet radiation. The GO12SW and GO10SW subwoofers have a similar weather and UV-resistant coating made from high-density polyethylene.

Paradigm’s engineers have even made sure that the wire that connects your speakers is protected from the elements. All the speakers are mounted using a half-inch threaded Quick Twist Cap system that ensures a watertight seal, so you don’t have to worry about water seeping into places it shouldn’t. The Quick Connect system works with Paradigm’s ground stakes, in-ground conduit boxes and surface mounts, so you can quickly install new speakers or replacements without any specialized wiring. To seal the deal, watertight rubber off-season covers protect your speakers when it’s too cold to spend time outside.


Of course, all the weather protection in the world doesn’t matter if your outdoor speakers can’t deliver quality sound. Luckily, Paradigm’s Garden Oasis speakers deliver in this regard.

Every speaker and subwoofer in the Garden Oasis line includes Paradigm’s patent-pending RED Technology. That means the speaker’s tweeter is mounted in a way that it significantly reduces the negative effects of diffraction, while simultaneously boosting critical midrange frequencies even in outdoor environments. The tweeter’s irregular edges and off-center placement break up the performance-robbing standing waves typically generated by traditional cone and tweeter housing designs.

Lastly, Paradigm has made it easy to design a flexible speaker system of any size. Garden Oasis landscape speakers are scalable, letting you start with a pair of speakers and a subwoofer, then build the system out to your heart’s content. And because you can mount the speakers using ground stakes, on ceilings or walls with surface mounts, or using an in-ground conduit box, you have multiple options for placing speakers in the ideal configuration for your yard.


Don’t wait until spring has passed you by to bring your favorite music outdoors. Now’s the time to get started on your outdoor speaker system. Call us at (412) 343-0348, fill out our contact form online, or leave a message in the chatbox below. You can also view our online gallery to get some inspiration for your project.

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