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What Types of Landscape Lighting Work in Your Outdoor Spaces?


Choose from an array of fixtures to show off your patio, porch, and backyard in their best light

Outdoor landscape lighting is a versatile and valuable addition to your Pittsburgh, PA property. Not only does expertly placed lighting show off your home’s exteriors, but it also allows you to spend more time enjoying all the entertainment and beauty your outdoor living spaces have to offer. Plus, landscape lighting makes your property easier to navigate at night!

Keep reading to learn ideas for the different landscape lighting fixtures you can utilize in your primary outdoor spaces.

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Patios, Porches, and Pergolas

Don’t let nightfall stop you from enjoying time with family and friends on your porch or patio. One solution for enclosed spaces is recessed LED lights that fit smoothly into the ceiling. You could also opt for wall-mounted scones and lanterns that look elegant and provide a warm glow for your space. Another option is to mount a spotlight high in a nearby tree to cast a glow over your porch or patio.

Get creative with the lighting around your pergola. String lights create a fun and cozy environment inside a pergola — you can even use color-changing LED string lights to set the mood for different occasions. Other options for pergolas include mounted scones or lanterns and hanging lights if your yard can support the wiring requirements.

We recommend hiring the team at Simply Automated to integrate your outdoor lighting with Control4 home automation. You’ll be able to turn on/off all your lights, dim fixtures to a comfortable level, and schedule lighting scenes on a single smart device like your mobile phone.

Front and Back Landscapes

Landscape lighting design throughout your front and back yards is an excellent way to show off your home’s beautiful architecture, impressive foliage, and whimsical outdoor décor.

In the front yard, path lights can line your driveway to make it easy for visitors to navigate safely to your front door. Have a gorgeous flowering dogwood overlooking the house? Use ground-mounted spotlights to cast a focused beam of light that highlights its beauty. Nestle well lights into the garden in front of your home to illuminate the flowers and small shrubbery.

In the backyard, mount spotlight fixtures high in the trees to create a downlighting effect that looks like moonlight shimmering on your yard. Carefully placed spotlights can draw the eye to shrubbery, trees, sculptures, and other unique landscape features. Have a fountain or pond in the backyard? Install waterproof well lights or spotlights underwater to create an up-lit glow that casts koi fish and other fish in perfect detail.

The lighting designers at Simply Automated are ready to take care of all your outdoor landscape lighting needs! You can also swing by one of our two showrooms to view and interact with outdoor lighting firsthand. We have Control4 certified showrooms located in East Pittsburgh and West Pittsburgh.

Call us, fill out a contact form, or drop by a showroom to connect with our experts!

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