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Outdoor Living

Smarter Solutions for Wide Open Spaces

Spark new potential for your home’s exterior with flawlessly tailored technology.

Extend Your Smart Home Luxuries to the Outdoors

From the garden to the basketball court, smart technology provides the perfect balance of splendor and functionality to your outdoor domains. Revel in the possibilities below.

Embrace your outdoor spaces with exceptional outdoor sound systems and weatherproof TVs.

Listen to your favorite tunes and media from your porch and patio to every corner of your Cranberry Township, PA backyard.

Give your curb appeal a boost and illuminate your entire property with architectural and outdoor lighting fixtures.

Enjoy robust, expansive coverage that extends outside where you’re gathering with friends and family.

Turn your covered porch or patio into an extension of your family room in both the cold and warm months with motorized shades.

Create the ultimate swimming and relaxation atmosphere with pool control that integrates other automated features.

Landscape Audio

Take your music and media outside with landscape speakers that completely blend in among your foliage.
Common Solutions
Audio Control · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi · Hidden Devices · Landscape Audio
Sample Solutions

Landscape Audio

Outdoor speakers and subwoofers withstand the elements and blend in with your foliage, delivering you high-end sound that reaches your entire backyard.


Enjoy all the comforts your indoor spaces provide out on your patio, where you can kick back and enjoy a cool beverage while watching the big game with friends and family.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi
Sample Solutions

Outdoor Shades

Don’t let the bugs bother you. Outdoor automated window treatments will not only provide a comfortable, pest-free space but also a protective refuge from the bright sun. Relax in absolute luxury.

Outdoor Audio

Stream your media collection outdoors with weather-resistant, high-fidelity speakers that blend in with your patio décor and offer unlimited hours of listening pleasure.

Outdoor Televisions

Bring the entertainment outdoors with weather-proof, anti-glare 4K video displays that resist the elements for uncompromising clarity and brightness.


Robust network design and strategically placed access points ensure you never experience weak or lost connection regardless of your location around your property.

Gated Entry

Instantly receive notice when someone arrives to your gate and control access from anywhere via your smartphone or touch panel.
Common Solutions
Smart Security · Surveillance · Entry Systems/Access Control · Remote Access/Monitoring · Intercom · Motorized Gates · Heated Driveway
Sample Solutions


Remotely view live or recorded video of your gated entries and receive alerts when someone approaches or attempts to enter or exit your property.

Entry Systems/Access Control

Implement an easy-to-use entry system for guests with a PIN or keycard. Automatically log entries into a web management system.

Motorized Gates

Effortlessly enter and exit your property with automated gates that open and close upon sensing your vehicle’s unique ID tag. Command your gate remotely for visitor access.

Landscape Lighting

Extend the beauty and energy of your indoor spaces to the outdoors with radiant home lighting control that elegantly accents your outdoor living spaces and landscape.

Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Landscape Lighting · Lighting Design · Architectural Lighting · Weather-proof Lighting · Hidden Fixtures
Sample Solutions

Lighting Control

Illuminate your exteriors and give your curb appeal a boost. Your fixtures can gradually turn on as the sun sets and slowly dim in the morning again. Heightened security is another benefit landscape lighting control brings to your property.

Hidden Fixtures

Concealed fixtures brighten up your space while never encroaching on your existing landscape décor and design.

Weatherproof Lighting

Weatherproof lighting fixtures can withstand all the seasons and remain durable in the long run, ensuring your property stays well-lit even during a storm.

Outdoor Kitchen

Delight in outdoor dining and entertainment with optimized lighting and immersive audio and video that complements any dinner or celebration.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Smart Home Control · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi
Sample Solutions

Smart Home Control

Set the perfect scene for your outdoor activities with one-touch control of your lighting, music and pool while you prepare your meal and relax with your favorite drink.

Outdoor Televisions

Watch the game while you grill out with weather-proof, anti-glare 4K video displays that resist the elements for unbeatable clarity and brightness.


Relax knowing your extended coverage access points have your entire property covered with reliable and consistent connectivity optimized for performance.

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